Monday, August 27, 2012

Yes! I'm still here!

First off..SORRY! I've been totally rubbish at keeping this post updated and answering people's questions! I've been so busy taking care of my 3 month old daughter. I haven't had much extra time to blog. I will get to all your questions and post a blog about my pregnancy and current health as soon as possible. :)


  1. Hi Crystal,
    I have had Hashis for a few years. The supplements have been going well and I am going through an elimination diet. I would like to get tested as you did. What doctor did your allergy/intolerance test? I am in LA, so I would be able to go see.

    Thanks! Great blog.


  2. Dear Crystal, you are a real hope and inspiration for me. Ever since I read your blog it has been giving me extra strengh. I have Hashimoto and I am hypothyroid, have been diagnosed for a year now. I was in a subclinical condition, where the T4 and T3 were at the bottom range but were enough. My TSH was 12 + antibodies high. I have been taking homeopathy and my tsh went down to 5.6 and antibodies dropped quite a lot. My biggest concern is now that I am pregnant 7 months and the endocrinologist tries to scare me as much as possible that I have to take thyroid medication because of the baby development. My t4 is now slightly below the norm but the homeopath says it is fine. I am so scared. Did you notice any change in your condition during pregnancy? Did you change your supplementation? How were the levels of your homrones? I can imagine that everybody sasy this because a case like yours is a light in the dark tunnel, but if you get a minute please give me a brieve reply here or at Thank you very much, Steliyana