Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Copper to Zinc ratio

In an earlier post I noted that I was taking 37mg of zinc and 1mg of copper. For every 15mg of zinc you should take 1mg of copper so I just bought THIS supplement to add some extra copper so my ratio is better. I'm now taking 37mg of zinc and 3mg of copper. The early doses helped me raise my Free T3 from 2.2 to 3.5 the normal range for Free T3 being (2.2-4.2)
It is best to be as close to 4.2 as possible so we shall see if adding this extra copper will do the trick! All in all I still feel really good with my Free T3 at 3.5 . I was feeling horrible and still had major hypothyroid symptoms when my Free T3 was at 2.2 even though my TSH was 2.3
Most doctors will tell you you are fine if your TSH is below 3.0 I can not stress enough how important it is to have your Free T3 tested and get it up to at least 3.5

Hypothyroid without Hashimoto's

I've had a lot of people ask if taking selenium mineral and vitamin E will help them if they are just hypothyroid but do not have hashimoto's disease.

Regarding the thyroid, selenium is a component of the enzyme that helps
convert T4 to T3 peripherally, so deficiencies of selenium may impair
thyroid function and promote hypothyroidism. According to the New England
Journal, "selenium deficiency can result in thyroid injury and decreased
extrathyroidal triiodothyronine production" (reduced peripheral T3
production.) Some experts believe that low T3 levels may be characteristic
in areas with insufficient selenium.

The mineral selenium also proves itself as a powerful anti-cancer medicine. THIS is a very interesting article on the benefits of taking selenium. I think it is definitely worth taking as a supplement.