Saturday, July 27, 2013


I was recently contacted by a wonderful women who has been following my blog and was able to overcome her Hashimoto's disease through some of the lifestyle changes that I mention in my blog. Izabella Wentz PharmD is the author of this brilliant new book

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause

If you are interested in finding out what is causing your Hashimoto's disease and treating it naturally than this is the book to read!


  1. Hi Crystal,

    I tried writing to you before but I am not sure if you got it so I am writing again...
    I recently read about the mercury in amalgam fillings and how it's toxic to the thyroid. I was wondering: did you ever replace your amalgam silver filling, and if so, did it have an effect on your thyroid?

    I have Hashimoto's and I was hoping to hear your experience with this issue.

    Thanks so much!


  2. Yes Angela! I did have them removed! I don't know if it helped my thyroid but I figured I'd be healthier without them! :)

  3. Hello Crystal! I AM CURED :) my antibodies went from 1250 to 29!!!!!! I have normal TSH,T3,T4 and I have never taking any drugs. What a great day when I read my Doctor Letter saying will monitor her for another 2 months and if nothing change will DISCHARGE her from our clinic :) :) :)

    OK my journey started from December 2012, I refused taking any drugs. I went on gluten/dairy free and strict caveman diet. I used what u suggested in your blog in particular vitamin E and selenium I also made sure my gut is functioning well by taking probiotics. Generally I changed my life style and eating habit and IT REALLY WORKED...I am just waiting for another 2 months and will see what will happen then will start trying for babies 

    I only wish if you tell us if you still taking vitamin E and selenium and also have you taken them during your pregnancy or anything you would recommend to make sure your thyroid won’t go crazy again as I am aware pregnancy affect thyroid as it is for everybody so how did it affect you? I am quite anxious about all this as to me it’s too good to be true that I am cured! SO as you have been cured before me and maintained healthy thyroid longer than I have and also managed to have healthy baby it would be great if you can write something about that as I sensed honesty in your blog and that what made me do what I did when doctors and everyone around me wanted me to take the drugs!

    I will wait for your reply and I hope you will have time to elaborate more about what are you taking to maintain healthy thyroid. One more thing is it OK once and a while to have cheese  I love cheese!!!!! I mean what would happen if we cheated once and while?
    many thanks

    1. Maisa! I'm so happy to hear your great news! I did continue to take 200mcg of selenium and 400IU of Dry vitamin E when I was pregnant. I also took 5,000IU of vitamin D and a prenatal that didn't have iodine in it. Here's a link! I'm planning on writing another post in the near future, but I just haven't had much time being a full time Mommy I don't tend to get on the internet much! Best of luck TTC! Sending best wishes and baby dust! :)

    2. Hi Maisa,
      Did you follow the Paleo diet or the Autoimmune Paleo(AIP) diet?

      THank you,

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  5. Hi Crystal,

    I literally just read your entire blog. Thank you so much! I feel like it's an answer to prayers. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 3 years now, after going to a fertility specialist she put me on Levo bc my TSH levels weren't optimal. (3.9TSH) She tested me twice for Hashi's and both came back negative. However, after 3 failed IUI's and 3 rounds of clomid I decided to look elsewhere. I am currently seeing a NP Doc (1.5 years later) who specializes in Hashi's and other fertility related issues. I have been on Levo for 2 years (wish I could stop) and my levels have been pretty normal until this week. I had a test done less than two months ago that said TSH was at 2.4. However, he just ran a test on me and it came back as follows

    TSH - 4.950 ~noted as above normal
    Thyrosxine (T4) - 10.5
    T3 Uptake - 29
    Free Thyroxine Index - 3.0
    Triiodothyronine (T3) - 118
    Triiodothyronine (free Serum) 3.1
    Reverse T3, Serum 27.5~ noted as above high range of 9.2-24.1
    T4 Free (Direct) 1.53
    TPO- 8
    Thyroglobulin, Antibody 38.2 noted as about range of .0-.9

    He ran a bunch of other tests too that showed low Vitamin D and possibly high iron.

    Anyways, he wants to up my dosage (opposite direction of where I want to be)Just wanted to see if you had any advice? I see you have a little bundle of joy now, so no worries if you don't get back right away. Thank you. God bless!!

  6. Hi Jessica! Can you message me your email?

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  7. hi crystal i was diagnised with hashimotos in jan 2013. i was started on thyroxine but my TSH levels r still high..
    i just a quick question
    im planning on taking selinium n vit E capsules. is it ok it i take thm along with my thyrod medication?do u think the vitamins and thyroxine will lower my TSH levels way below normal?

    1. Deepthi, It is safe to take the supplements with your thyroid medication. If your TSH drops below normal you may be able to lower your dose or go off your thyroxine.

  8. Selenium is not something you should mix with anything other than Vitamins E or C. I took Selenium 200mcg along with Vitamin C for over 6 months and dropped my TPO antibody count from 1,988 to 143. I also eat gluten free and all organic when possible. The vitamins will do nothing for your TSH, but will help the antibody regain some proper control. It's time that will tell you. Selenium toxicity can be confused with some of the symptoms of Hashi's. Such as tremors or hair loss... I had Viral Thyroiditis last year and after that horrible battle I decided to find a way to "fix" myself without prescriptions...selenium was the safest way I found without long term side effects.

  9. Hello, Crystal-

    I found your blog about 5 months back when I was doing intense research for my sister after her collapse. She was diagnosed with Hashi's in 2006, but her endocrine just only monitored her TSH and adjusted it accordingly. He never treated her for autoimmune and we didn't know anything about it. I came across Dr. Kharazian's book and as a result that lead us to a functional nutritionist/chiropractor in our state who's trained under Dr. K and uses his protocol and supplements. Plus she takes the supplements I market for a leading wellness company for almost 60 years. Anyway, I shared with her a little about your experience with selenium (she takes our Vitamin E complex which has some selenium in it already). So now she is taking 200mcg daily with the E. Her worst symptoms (which have completely disabled her from work since July) are with her eyes. She cannot physically open her eyelids at will. Somehow, her glasses have a mechanism which allow them open, so she wears them all day. This doctor has helped her tremendously. She has had SLOW, but significant improvement with the vision issues (also grainy vision, extreme sensitivity to light and noise, among other things) since he put her on Dr. K's formulation of turmeric.
    I want to thank you so much for creating and maintaining this blog. I am going to read some of it to her. I believe this disease can be eradicated, just a matter of finding what works. There's always an answer! Much of what you've written about the disease and T4, T3, etc. is in line with what I've found in my research.

    Thank you again! I am encouraged. She thinks that since adding the selenium 2 weeks ago, there is more improvement. Yes, she is gluten free, on the diet. By the way, for those on Synthroid who have Hashi's, Synthroid has GLUTEN. So if you are on Synthroid, and are following gluten-free diet, you may want to consult your doctor about alternatives. When Levoxyl got recalled earlier this year, her endocrine put her on Synthroid and that's when the havoc began. Her current natural treating physician first told us that and I confirmed it with our pharmacist. She is not on Tirosint (natural), which is much better absorbed than the synthetics according to the pharmacist.
    I have no idea how long my post is, sorry if so. Just, thank you again for running this blog and sharing your story.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Thx Crystal for the Book suggestion . Glad There is a natural way to Treat Hashimoto , I really hate when nowaday doctor always give meds / drugs to their patients without solving the root cause of their disease

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